September 18, 2009

The Jakarta Mega Project

In the future, capital of Indonesia, Jakarta will be megapolitan city and doesn't lose with other big cities in the world ! With some of the mega projects are built now, Jakarta can be forward like Tokyo, Beijing, London, etc.

If the mega project in Jakarta running smoothly and without the dirty hands of fuckin' government, i believe 100% Jakarta will be an amazing megapolitan city.

Let's go to see some of mega projects in Jakarta...
  • Taman Ismail Marzuki (Ismail Marzuki Cultural Park)

The existing Taman Ismail Marzuki is an old place dedicated to the arts. The government and the Indonesian Architecture Institute of DKI Jakarta called for a design competition to revitalise and transform it into a vibrant public space and green reservoir for the city. Andra Matin’s team came up with the award-winning design.

This project began on March 2009 and scheduled finish on March 2010.
  • REGATTA The Icon, a Nautical Theme Superblock in Jakarta

Every country has iconic building : Eiffel Tower in Paris, Leaning Tower of Pissa in Italy, Pyramid in Egypt, and Statue of Liberty in US. What about Indonesia? The next icon of Indonesia will be REGATTA, a collaborative mega project between PT Dharmala Intiland and PT Global Ekabuana.

Created by architect 'WS Atkins' who also designed Burj Al Arab in Dubai, REGATTA The Icon comprises 10 apartment towers, hotels, Aqua Park and Service Apartment in a land of 11 hectare. With a view facing Java Sea, the exclusive residential REGATTA offers waterfront living concept.

Word “Regatta” comes from a type of ship used for racing, and it is transformed into the silhouette of sailing ships and a lighthouse.

Project Manager of BKMB, Aryadi Limansagita said that the construction will be finished in November 2009.

  • Redevelopment of Station Manggarai

Manggarai Commercial Center

Take a look of this concept, it's been a while and looks interesting to discuss, project in 72 hectare site to contain:
  • Manggarai Retail and Office Space Complex
  • Manggarai Integrated Terminal:
  1. Passenger Terminal
  2. Cargo Terminal
  3. Warehouse
  4. Airlines check-in counter area
  5. Bus interchange
  6. Elevated Railway Track

  • Area 24

Area 24 mixed-use complex is located adjacent to the intersection of business and commercial activity, along the peripheral line of central Jakarta (Pancoran district) and the commercial-residential district in south Jakarta (Kalibata district).

The complex consists of 558 residential units, 49,396 square meter of office space and 7,316 square meter of commercial activity on the ground level. Following the need to clearly define private and public domains, the two apartments buildings were shifted to the back, while the office tower acts as an outstanding landmark in front.

  • Sahid Perdana Towers

Contributing to Jakarta’s efforts to meet the demands for high-end office space, the Sahid Perdana Towers, located in the Sahid City Superblock in the heart of the city’s central business district, consist of two main towers : a 50 storey five star hotel and a 45 storey office building.

At ground level the twin towers flank a graceful globe like exhibition hall and performing arts center, the same shape is mirrored by the ‘spa in the sky’ that connects the two towers higher up.

The client sought a building that illustrated both modern design and Javanese culture, an aim the architects achieved through the towers’ shape and envelope. The Sahid Perdana Towers’ sleek elliptical shape has a distinctly modern aesthetic while also reflecting a Javanese symbol, the twin lotus. The towers are rotated in such a way to preserve views from both buildings.

  • Jakarta Financial Tower

Elevating the building on a podium platform amplifies the building’s presence while opening up ground-level spaces for public services, such as shops, cafes, a gallery, a bank and meeting rooms.

The podium itself also integrates green concepts landscaping covers the podium roof as it slopes upward from the ground level, balancing modern technology with environmental concerns.

State of the art technology has been installed in the top floor, which is dedicated to trading services. Meanwhile the ground floor has a drop-off courtyard, connecting the tower to the adjacent vibrant city walk and waterfront promenade.

  • Indonesia Movieland - The Hollywood of Indonesia

Indonesia Movieland is PT Jababeka’s vision of the future for Indonesia’s TV broadcast and film industry. Capitalising on PT Jababeka’s corporate legacy of being a pioneer in the industrial sector since 1989, we seek to contribute to the establishment and development of Indonesia creative industry sector. Our focus is on the TV broadcast and film industry.

Indonesia Movieland is envisioned to be “the 1st one stop TV broadcast and film industry centre in Indonesia”. Accommodated in 36 ha of land in Kota Jababeka, it will provide the facilities and resources needed to bring Indonesia’s TV broadcast and film industry to greater height.


  • Various studio facilities of different sizes, suited to the making of TV commercials, films and live broadcast programs.
  • Flexible working spaces to accommodated both pre-production and post-production works of the industry, start up companies or established ones equally.
  • Uniquely designed cultural center that will be one of the landmark of Indonesia’s creative industry facility.
  • In cooperation with President University, the President Film Academy will train the next generation of Indonesia’s TV broadcast and film professionals.
  • A wide variety of accommodations to take care the needs of everybody from film crews to high level producers and talents.
  • Classy and comfortable cafes and entertainment spaces that opens 24hours to suit the different working style and lifestyle of the creative industry people.
  • Complete commercial facilities to ensure that both residents and guests will be able to find their needs and wants within the area.
  • Residences starting from high rise apartment blocks to stylish landed villa house, that offers glamour, convenience, safety and affordability.
  • Integrated internet connection with high speed connectivity throughout the are.

Actually, there are lots of mega-project in Jakarta, this is only part of it. Hopefully our beloved capital city of Jakarta can be forward like other big cities in the world.

i love jakarta

Information get from Skycrapercity
by : Fact and Miracle


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