October 11, 2009

The Flying Car, Only USD 170,000 (Rp 1.7 billion)

This is a powerful solution for people that doesn't like traffic jams in major cities such as Jakarta or Surabaya. A Technology Enterprise in Woburn, Massachusetts, United States, will produce flying cars in bulk this year .

That flying car was named Transition. In the U.S., goods worth USD 170,000 (Rp 1.7 billion) was already sold out, even though not yet completed produced. Price is of course not too expensive for the few rich Indonesian, considering the number of luxury cars moving around in Jakarta. Transition could take two people. Its velocity of about 185 km per hour while fly in the air.

To take off, It requires preparations distance of about 520 meters, but only to a few hundred yards to landing. Changes from landline mode to flight mode can be done simply by pressing a button in the cabin.

Propeller which used when flight mode is stored and locked safe when using landline mode. To save it, doesn't need space for a hangar. It's can be stored in the garage, because its wings can be folded.

With dimensions of 2.1 meters high, 2 meters wide and 5.7 meters long when folded, Transition be smaller than full size SUVs, like the Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Navigator. However, not just anyone can order this vehicle. You require to have a pilot's license if you wanna buy it. Want to test drive?


source : http://otomagz.blogspot.com/2009/10/flying-car-valued-17-billion-rupiah-usd.html

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